Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017

Dear Quashnet School Community, 

ELA MCAS is coming, ELA MCAS is coming! As teachers and I have been sharing with students, this is a good thing!  MCAS is a time to show all you know!  Students have been in school for 134 days. Teachers have been teaching and students have been learning everyone of those days. Now it is time to show it! The key to success is EFFORT and PERSEVERANCE. For the last two years, students have taken the PARCC exam, now we are back to MCAS.  The major difference between PARCC and MCAS is that MCAS is not timed. Students will have as much time as they need during the school day to complete their assessment and check their work. This is a computer based assessment that students will take on their chromebooks. 

Thank you for wondering how you can help your child(ren) be prepared!
             1.  Go to bed early the night before testing.  
             2.  Have a balanced breakfast with protein. 
             3.  Be to school on time!  This is very important because once a test session begins, no one can enter the class                       until testing is over.  
             4.  Replace "good luck" with best effort, work hard, and persevere
                  Success comes from hard work, effort, and perseverance - just ask Tom Brady!

Last Week's Events: 

Thank you to all who participated in Jump Rope for Heart sponsored by the QS National Elementary Honor Society. Through your generosity, the group collected over $2,500!  It was a well organized and fun event for all - awesome job QS NEHS!  

Last week, we welcomed Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) from Bridgewater State University to our school.  The focus was on bullying behavior and cyber bullying and how everyone has a part in making our school a bully free zone.  Some of the great advice is to THINK before you speak -

  • = Is it TRUE?
  • H  = Is it HELPFUL?
  • I   = Is it INSPIRING?
  • N  = Is it NECESSARY?  
  • = Is it KIND?       
Did you watch the School Committee meeting on Wednesday?  If you missed it perhaps you saw a picture of some of our third graders with ukuleles.  Ukuleles and recorders have been added to the third grade curriculum this year in music.  Students are learning these two instruments in grade three to expose them to both a string and wind instrument.  In fourth grade, students will have a choice of participating in band, strings, or general music.  This exposure will help in that decision making process. Mrs. Guiggio shared work fifth and sixth grade students are doing in STEM with robotics and the collaboration with MMHS students during these specials. 

The QS Talent Show was a big hit on Thursday night! It is so wonderful the see the confidence, poise, varying interests and strengths of our students.  Thank you Mrs. Hill and Ms. Sherman for all of their background work in making this happen, but also to our dedicated staff who volunteered their time to help with this special event - not just the evening of, but practices, programs and all! It IS great to be in Mashpee! Pictures are on the picture tab above. 

If you have any questions on the Quashnet windows, doors, roof, and bathroom repairs at Quashnet- there will be building tour this Thursday evening from 6-7 PM. Your support for this project is needed at Town Meeting on May 1st and again on May 16th for a vote. Click the link for an informational brochure on the project: QS Repair Project Information.    

FYI - This coming Friday is Good Friday.  School IS in session for a full day.  Happy Easter to our community members who celebrate the holiday!

Last but not least, there will be no blog next Sunday due to vacation.  I will send out an update on Sunday, April 23. If you are looking for activities during vacation week, Mashpee Public Library has resources. Pick up great books, museum passes, and check out special events at Mashpee Public Library Events. Wishing  you all a relaxing and fun filled vacation week! 

Mrs. O'Brien


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