Sunday, May 15, 2022


May 15, 2022

Dear Quashnet School Community, 

Last Thursday evening was Step Up Night for Grade 3.  It is always so wonderful to welcome new and returning families to Quashnet School! Thank you to our third-grade team for leading tours of the building and to our student leaders who greeted families and helped with the tours.
We look forward to more opportunities to get to know incoming third-graders and families before the start of the school year 2022-2023. If you were unable to attend Step Up, please feel free to call the Quashnet office at 508-539-1550 and we will get you up to date.  

Grade 6 students will have an opportunity to Step-Up to Grade 7 on June 14. The Class of 2028 will be meeting with the administration, teachers, and coaches at MMHS on June 14. More details will be coming soon!  

Have you heard about Mr. Felix yet? Mr. Felix is a new music teacher at Quashnet School through the end of this school year. He will be working alongside Mrs. Hill to bring excellent music education to our students as well as leading the band students. Mrs. Boyd is expected back to school in September. 

Mr. Felix is a certified music teacher, plays in a band professionally, and teaches music lessons outside of school. So happy to have him on the team! 


Field trip season is upon us.  All Grade 3 classes have or will be going to Mashpee's One-Room School House and the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum. What a fabulous trip where students learn about the rich history of our town while setting a foundation for the Portrait of a Graduate, Engaged Citizen. Students enjoy hearing stories while in a wetu and seeing hand-made Wampanoag crafts.  Students get to reenact a school day in 1900. Check out the fun pictures on the photo tab above.  

All grades are getting ready for their own field trips. Grade 6 will learn about the court process in a simulated shoplifting case, and they will be exploring the Waquoit Bay estuary and salt marsh. Grade 5 students will be testing their underwater submersibles in the pool at Willowbend and heading to the Museum of Science. Grade 4 will visit the Cape Cod Canal and a fish hatchery to identify adaptations. Grade 3 will be visiting Plimoth Patuxet Museum in June.

Field trips are a fun way to experience content that has been taught in class - they extend the learning in a hands-on way. If you are interested in chaperoning a trip, teachers will be reaching out to families regarding their needs. Chaperones must have an updated CORI form on file with the school and complete a volunteer form.  It is not a difficult or lengthy process, but you do need to turn the CORI form in along with your picture id.  This can be done at the #WeAreMashpee store or at the Superintendent's Office.  Be sure to reach out if you have any questions.  


Click this link: Not Your Average Puzzle Challenge

For the month of May, we are analyzing our average puzzle completion by class data! We find the mean, mode, median, and maximum of our data we determine entrants into our raffle for prizes. The drawing will be on May 31st. The links provided show our progress and more details about our “Not Your Average Puzzle Challenge”. Mrs. Pimental’s Landing Page 

School pictures were taken last Thursday, and it will be so great to have traditional class pictures this year. For the previous two years, we were not able to accommodate this.  Class pictures WILL BE provided for all students.  

If you have an order form for individual pictures, you can still send it to the office and we will get it to Lifetouch, OR you can use this link and code to order online at

School: Quashnet School    Date: 5/12/22


MCAS Reminder: 

If your child has been absent and missed their scheduled Math or Science MCAS, make-up sessions will be held every morning this week until all students have been able to complete their missed sessions. Science MCAS only applies to Grade 5 students. Thank you Mr. Kapulka and Mrs. Ryder for their work in preparing these makeup sessions and ensuring all students have the opportunity to show what they know! 

Got Game?

Come have some fun and show your Falcon spirit! 

LAST CALL for Career Day! Please come and share your work experience and training with our students. If you can commit to one hour or more, your help would be SO appreciated.  Sharing your knowledge and experience with students expands their understanding of career paths out there.  Our kids are more than worth it and you will have a GREAT day! 

Call Mrs. MacIntire @ 508-539-1550 or email at for questions or scheduling. 

Wishing you all a great week ahead,   


Principal O'Brien 


Sunday, May 8, 2022


May 8, 2022

Dear Quashnet School Community, 

Last week was Staff Appreciation Week, and it was great to recognize this outstanding team! Go Team Quashnet! 

Last Thursday, the staff was treated to a delicious Cinco de Mayo-themed lunch sponsored by the Quashnet School PTO.  Thank you to Amber Smith, Brianna Cavaco, Rachel Coscia, Kim Santos, Cori Johnson, and all who support the PTO.  

THANK YOU, PTO! Your time and generosity were SO appreciated and enjoyed by all! 



The Skill of the Week! 

Ask your child about the meaning of "elbow room." In the lunchroom last week, we have been talking about the need to give each other some space. Students should be able to model what elbows space looks like. Our goal is to give each person a respectful space to eat as well as when in a line or lining up as a class. We have also been reinforcing the need to keep hands sanitized. We need to all work together to stay healthy and safe. Home reinforcement is always appreciated! 


The Nest is a great new place we have been building at Quashnet School. Teachers are able to access the space with their classes or small groups.  It is a meeting place, a reading place, and used as a calm quiet area. The alternative seating and lighting help to create a comforting atmosphere. There are pictures of Mrs. McBrien's class enjoying the space on the picture tab above.  

Here are some of the student reflections: 

Everyone has a comfy spot. It is just a nice place. 

I think that reading in the nest is successful because kids want to stay in the environment.

When everybody is sitting in their snug chairs it is calming.

How comfortable it feels!

What makes reading in the Nest successful was being able to space out from everyone and all these different ways to sit.

The NEST:  Another reason It's GREAT to be in MASHPEE! 

Grade 5 students will be participating in their final MCAS test this Tuesday and Wednesday, May 10 & 11, Science and Technology/Engineering. Students will begin their testing promptly each day starting at 9:30 AM.  It is extremely important that students are in school and on time, PLEASE!  Just like ELA and Math testing, once a session begins no one can enter the room, not even another student.  

To see an example of the STE (Science) MCAS, you can go to Just click on Grade 5 Science and then the Computer-Based Practice Test.  You will be given a bank of 23 questions and you can see if you are smarter than a fifth-grader! Students are tested on the STE Standards in Grade 5 and Grade 8.  

ST MATH Resource 

Access the article link HERE


Wednesday, May 11, is School Nurse's Day.  We are SO fortunate to have Nurse Terri at Quashnet School.

Nurse Terri truly hits it out of the park every day! 

Thank you Nurse Terri for keeping health and safety a priority in our school! 

It is also important to acknowledge Nurse Stacey, the District Nurse Coordinator, for all of her extra duties and support during the COVID pandemic and beyond.  We are grateful~

Quashnet School Student Pictures 

Thursday, May 12 - 

Bring on those smiles! 

A Few Reminders:  

We are still seeking parents, guardians, community members, and family members that would like to share their jobs/careers, training, and education with our fabulous students.  It is a great way to give back and "pant a seed" of interest for a student.  Career Day is scheduled for Friday, May 27. Call the Quashnet office for all the details: 508-539-1550. 

With field trips and other special events coming up, don't miss out on the opportunity to volunteer in your child's classroom. Just visit the District website,, click on the Community tab, and then the Volunteer link. All the information you need is right there! This process should be done asap to allow time for the office to process the paperwork. We appreciate your help, and it will make field trips doable with your support!  


Wishing you a wonderful and healthy week ahead! 


Principal O'Brien