Progress Reports/Report Cards


Progress Reports - On-line only view through PowerSchool Parent Portal:  
     Term 1:  October 19, 2016Term 2:  January 27, 2017; Term 3:  May 8, 2017  

Terms End: 
     Term 1:  December 7, 2016;  Term 2:  March 20, 2017 Term 3:  June 20, 2017

Report Cards Issued: 
     Term 1:  December 14, 2016Term 2:  March 27, 2017; Term 3:  June 20, 2017

Mashpee Public Schools  SAMPLE LETTER  10/19/15
 New Parent Single Sign-On for PowerSchool

Dear Parents/Guardians of student's name, 
Mashpee Public Schools has enabled single sign-on access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. This will allow you to view each of your students’ information through the use of one login. Whether you have one or more students, you must create a new login account to access the Parent Portal. 
To create the account, you will need your office issued Access ID and Password for each student you want to associate to your new parent account. Please note, these Access IDs can no longer be used for logging into the Parent Portal.  You must create a new single sign-on account.

The Screen will look like this


Click Create Account
The Screen will look like this

If Parents/Guardians share the same account, ONLY ONE Parent/Guardian may access the account at a time.

The personal information below is on side two of the letter being sent to parents on 10/19/15.

Parent PowerSchool Link Students Account Information Sheet

Student Name:                  Grade:

Enter this information to add the student to your account.

Access ID:                       
Access Password:    

**All assignments will be entered into Power School prior to the Progress Report dates listed.  As of the date of each progress report, a parent will be able to access our Power School system and know their student's progress.  We will not be producing hard-copy progress reports this year given that the Power School data will be up-to-date and is easily accessible by all parents and students.


4:  Exceeding the grade-level standard/expectation
3:  Meeting the grade-level standard/expectation 
2:  Progressing towards grade-level standard/expectation 
1:  Not yet meeting grade-level standard/expectation
X:  Standard is not assessed at this time

Rating Scale Rubric
To clarify Term 2 report card performance data:  The learning standards shown are goals for the academic year.  Between terms, some students may experience performance fluctuations (moving from a “3” to a “2”) as texts become more complex and/or as expectations for the depth of application of knowledge and skills increases.  2s and 3s are what you want to see as a parent. 

 Grading System for Electives 
Pro-Social Skills, and WORK HABITS

E:  Exceeding grade-level standard/expectation 
M:  Meeting grade level standard/expectation
P:  Progressing towards grade-level standard/expectation
N:  Not yet meeting grade-level standard/expectation
X:  Standard is not assessed at this time.

No letter grades will be given.
Honor roll will be based on acquired skills.

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