Sunday, May 20, 2018

May 20, 2018

Dear Quashnet School Community,

Have you heard that we are upgrading our Quashnet library? The furniture in the space is original to the building and is not in the greatest shape.  The new shelves and furniture will be in the space for the start of school in September. As part of the preparation work for this upgrade, library books need to be returned by June 1 for inventory and packing. We appreciate your help looking for any library books at home or in backpacks.

Several people have asked me about the police cruisers out in front of school lately. They have been here to help with a sixth grade field trip. Each sixth grade class participates in a courthouse drama where students assume roles and they learn about the court process. The experience begins at Stop and Shop where a student acts out shoplifting. Loss prevention officers and Mashpee police offers give the students a first hand look at what happens next.  From the police department the class travels to Barnstable Court to perform a mock trial.  The trip ends up at Dino's for pizza and a discussion on what was learned and about citizenship. Thank you to our school guidance counselor, Mrs. McCue, for arranging this worthwhile experience for our students along with Stop and Shop, Mashpee Police, Barnstable Juvenile Court, and Dino's. FYI -There are two trips this week and one next week.

Each Grade 3 class will be participating in a fabulous field trip starting this week where students learn about the rich history in Mashpee. Students will visit the One Room School House located in the Community Park and then will tour the Wampanoag Museum on Main Street. We appreciate the support from Mr. Frank Lord and the Wampanoag Education Department for sharing these treasures in Mashpee and Mrs. Schreiner's work in organizing it.

This Friday is Career Day! At Quashnet School, Mrs. MacIntire, organizes this wonderful event for our students. An array of volunteers from parents, family members, medical personnel, first responders, and more visit classrooms at Quashnet School. These volunteers share their career, their interests, how they chose their careers, along with their educational path. Each classroom will see 4-5 guests. We appreciate all of our volunteers and their willingness to share their stories with our students. Students and teachers are encouraged to dress according to their desired career path.

Next week is the unofficial start to summer! It is hard to believe that Memorial Day is almost here. Monday, May 28th, school will not be in session in observance of the holiday. If you are looking for a way to recognize the holiday,  this link will bring you to a calendar of local events-

On a final note today, it is with a heavy heart that we again are seeing terrible images of school violence on our television sets. As you know, in Mashpee, the schools have a terrific relationship with Mashpee first responders, our school resource officers and each other. Please call, email, or come in when you are concerned about a situation or if something just doesn't seem right. Reinforce with your children the importance of talking to their teachers and adults in the building if something makes them feel uncomfortable. We will respond. It is important to practice: If you see something, say something.  This link is a parent/guardian resource:  Talking to Children About Violence for Parents and Teachers.


Mrs. O'Brien 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 13, 2018

Dear Quashnet School Community, 

This is our last week of MCAS. Fifth grade students will be taking the Science and Tech/Engineering MCAS this Tuesday and Wednesday,  May 15 & 16.  This is the first year the STE MCAS will be computer based.  In the past, this assessment has only been paper and pencil. Like ELA and Math the assessment will be multiple choice and short answer questions. The following link will bring you to the Department of Education's website detailing the test design and some of the released questions from last year Check it out and see if you are smarter than a fifth grader!  

Several classes participated in a global technology challenge last week with Mrs. Terrill, one of our directors of instructional technology, who videoed students and posted their responses to  a flipgrid at  The goal was for students around the word to post their vision for 2030 and break a world record for participation. Several Mashpee students, including Quashnet kids, were pinned based on their response. Check it out on the link above. 

Pictured to the left is a third grader, Alina, reading a poem and posting it to a flipgrid in Library and Digital Citizen class this week with Mrs. Pons.   

THANK YOU PTO and all our wonderful Quashnet families. The Quashnet staff was treated to a beautiful picnic buffet this week for staff appreciation week with soups, sandwiches, salads, and delicious baked goods. Thank you all for your kinds thoughts and words, but mostly thank you for sharing your wonderful, precious children with us each day. They are a truly a gift!  

Recess Ready!  Are your children ready for recess each day and gym class?  Sneakers are the best option for school or tied shoes.  The playgrounds provide a great opportunity for running and playing, and the tennis courts, kickball field, soccer games, etc. are very active areas.  Flip flops and sandals can be very hazardous and limit some activity.  Please consider sneakers as the shoe of choice for optimal play. They are required for participation in gym class.   

Hidden In Plain Sight  - A Resource for Parents 
A very important parent resource is returning to Mashpee this week.  Have you been to the Hidden In Plain Sight Exhibit yet? If not, please consider attending either Monday, May 14th at MMHS library or on Wednesday, May 17th at the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Community & Government Center. Both exhibits run from 5:00-7:00 PM.  This is important information for parents to educate themselves on substance use.  It is for parents/guardians only and appropriate for all ages

This is the season of field trips and special events, and at times there is a cost to offset the expense of busses and fees. Please know, if this is a challenge for your family, contact your child's teacher or contact me directly ( No child should ever be excluded due to the cost of an event. This is one of the uses for the Quashnet Falcon Family Fund, we have also received a kind donation from the Brownie's from their cookie sales to support field trip scholarships - thank you Mrs. Duvall and the Brownies. It is very helpful to return permission slips as soon as possible. 

Happiest of Mother's Day 
to our Quashnet Community. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week, 
Mrs. O'Brien 

PS: Hope to see Grade 3 families for the music  presentation in the gym this Thursday - recorders, ukuleles, singing and dancing oh my! 

Not to worry is you see a cannon on the front lawn this Friday, no one is invading, no protesters are coming - it is Colonial Day for Grade 5!