Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017

Greetings Quashnet School Community,

Mashpee Police officers visited all three Mashpee schools on Friday morning connecting with students and staff. High fives were available for all!  We value this strong partnership with MPD, our SRO Brett Calhoun, and Chief Carline who together supported and coordinated High Five Friday.

Thank you QUASHNET COMMUNITY for all your support last week with two events that helped support our school's service dog initiative.  Donations from skate night totaled $900!  Thank you all for your generosity. Dining for a Cause at 99 brought in nearly $400. We are close to $9,000 at this point and will keep working to reach the goal of $14,000 to bring a service dog to a local veteran.

Has your family been struggling with the stomach bug, flu, or strep? It sure has been a tough season health wise. The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to wash hands frequently with soap and water. ALL bathrooms and classrooms with sinks have soap and all classrooms have antibacterial hand sanitizer available as well. The soap and sanitizer dispensers are checked daily, and filled as needed.  Our day custodian, Mr. Mike, has been spraying all lockers and door handles with antibacterial spray to help fight the spread of germs.  Reminders from home to wash those hands may help!

If your child is diagnosed with the flu, strep, or any contagious illnesses, please notify Ms. Moses in the Health Office. Not only are contagious illnesses reported to the state, it can also help us stay on top of health situations.

Under the guidance of STEM teacher, Mrs. Giuggio,  Mr. Looney and Mrs. Hough from MMHS, and high school students are working with Grade 5&6 students on robotics in STEM class. They are working on coding, writing functions, and loops to control the robots. New software has been loaded on computers and teams are working collaboratively on this task. This effort is a win for all!

VOTE YES ON ARTICLE 15 at Town Meeting on May 1, 2017! Quashnet School Repair Project needs your support! Can you see the daylight through the doors pictured to the left? This is one reason our halls and cafeteria are cold in the winter months. The cold air just flows in and the heat escapes. The Quashnet repair project is not just windows, it includes all the doors, the roof, soffits (the stucco portion of the exterior), and making the bathrooms handicap accessible (per code). At town Meeting, the entire cost of $10.5 million needs to be approved, but the town will be reimbursed by Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) at a rate of 37.95%, almost $4 million!  86% of the exterior envelope of the Quashnet School will be repaired and updated extending the life of the school for another 40 years - the cost per homeowner with a house valued at $300,000 is $33.00 for the first year decreasing to $17.07 by the end of the life of the loan. Please invest in Mashpee and the Quashnet School - SUPPORT ARTICLE 15!

The PTO is looking for final Yankee Candle orders - all orders need to be in by Tuesday, 
March 28th.  Thank you for supporting the PTO and Quashnet School. Below is an example of how the PTO helps our school- 
Third grade classes and fourth grade teachers will be welcoming Mr. Tom Lee, a storyteller/writer who uses visual literacy/thinking to enhance reading comprehension skills and provide this research based strategy to improve writing.  The majority of his work is done through Yale University where he works with school groups of various ages.  Mr. Lee's visit is being supported with PTO funds that are going directly into instruction and work with students.  We are SO APPRECIATIVE of this wonderful opportunity! Thank you PTO and supporters

To all of our Quashnet families, if you have any questions, concerns, or wonderings, please send me an email, give me a call, or stop in. I can't address concerns that are not brought to my attention. I value your partnership and feedback with the focus on students first and always assuming positive intent.  

Wishing you all a productive week ahead! 

Mrs. O'Brien

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