Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

Greetings Quashnet School Community,

We often say, "It's great to be in Mashpee."  Well, I couldn't agree more! This week was a perfect example of some of the fabulous opportunities that our students have.  The concert on Thursday night was a perfect display of collaboration between schools, teachers, and students.  What an enjoyable night with standing room only!  

Along with our singers and musicians, Quashnet performers had an opportunity to participated in the Blue Falcon Theater performance of The Wizard of Oz. Everyone was terrific, but in my biased opinion, our MUNCHKINS stole the show!!!!

Our students also have an opportunity to participate in after school clubs as you know. Thank you to Mr. Stickley for sharing his cooking talents with students - Cooking/baking is the best kept secret in math proficiency - math conversions, fractions, capacity, measurement - what a great way to learn!

Next time you are in school, be sure to check out the beautiful basket that students created with Mrs. Geggatt in an after school weaving class. Again, putting math into action.  Very impressive work. They are on display in the front glass cases.

Teachers work hard everyday to create meaningful and engaging lessons for students. As Mrs. Avtges and I visit classes, it is impressive to see students asking questions, working in partnerships or small groups solving problems, grappling with complex ideas, learning new vocabulary, and most of all building confidence and expanding their knowledge.
Yes indeed, it is GREAT to be in Mashpee!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM 
Parenting teens and tweens is tough and important; you don’t have to go it alone!
The Guiding Good Choices curriculum consists of four interactive workshops designed to teach participants how to establish clear family guidelines, give children the tools and opportunities they need to make good decisions, improve children’s involvement in the
family, and enhance overall family connectedness.  

This highly recommended program comes to us from Gosnold on Cape Cod.  Please join us for an extremely important topic - dinner included! 

Report cards will be sent home on Tuesday.  Please be sure to check backpacks.  It is important to have a conversation with your child(ren) regrading their progress and effort in school. Everyday and every minute matters...

I wish you all a very production week ahead...and for those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter! 
Mrs. O'Brien 


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