Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015

Greetings Quashnet School Community,

This Thursday, November 19th,  and Monday, November 23rd, are both EARLY RELEASE days for students.  All students at both KCC and QS will be dismissed at 11:30 AM.  MMHS has a regular schedule.

Teachers are currently preparing for

If you yet to scheduled a conference time with your child(ren)'s teacher please sign-up through - the link is
Just click the link, look for the teacher's name, and select an available time.  ANY problems with this process just call the office at 508-539-1550 x4100 and Mrs. Pagano or Mrs. Emery will be happy assist you.  Research shows that a student's academic success is greater with a strong home/school connection.  We all look forward to seeing you this Thursday or Monday!

If you are interested in taking a chance on a Patriot's raffle basket, tickets will be available for purchase on both conference days.  Beside great Patriot paraphernalia, the basket includes two tickets to a Patriots game at Foxboro.  100% of the proceeds are going to support the Quashnet School Falcon Family Fund.  This fund helps Quashnet School families who are in need both for the holidays and in the event of an emergency.   The drawing is going to be held on December 4th.

Please be sure to check out the great photos from our Veterans Day assembly and luncheon on the picture tab above.  It was such an honor to have so many veterans be able to join us. Students were interested to hear their stories and proud to have their loved ones here at school.  Attached is a link to the video that was shown during the assembly.  It helps explain the history to Veterans Day and is extremely well done.  I would like to acknowledge our Veterans Day planning team of Mrs. Pagano, Mrs. Wunder, Mrs. Rastallis, Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Arsenault, Mrs. Hill, and Ms. Sherman.  A special thank you to Colonel Wunder for sharing his time for the event. 

I am waiting for a pound total of Halloween candy, but I know it is going to be impressive.  Thank you, STUDENTS, for sharing your candy and writing notes to the troops.  You have the power to bring joy to others!

On Monday, fifth and sixth graders attended an assembly sponsored by the Cape and Island's District Attorney's office on cyberbullying.  Some of the important advice shared:
  • Pick a screen name that doesn't identify you
  • If you wouldn't go up to a stranger a public and talk or share personal information, DON'T do that online either
  • Pictures show location - caution!
  • Always keep passwords private
  • Servers OWN your photos - they don't just go away when you delete, even on snap chat!
  • NEVER text or post when you are angry 
  • Not EVERY moment needs to shared 
  • Don't let a device own you - SHUT OFF PHONES and DEVICES at night 
  • Make sure ANYTHING you post is something your can show your grandmother!
Monitoring your child's Internet use is not intrusive, it's parenting.  It is a full time job keeping our children safe.  

I want to thank so many families for having your children to school everyday on time. Students may enter the building at 8:00 AM everyday.  Any students arriving after 8:15 AM are late. These 15 minutes are important part of a student's day for organization and preparedness.  Teachers often are able to help students, answer questions, and students complete class assignments.  For the best possible start for the school day, please have your child take the bus or be dropped off as close to 8:00 AM as possible.  If you drop off your child in the morning, having them get out on the curb side of the street is preferred and much safer.  Thank you for your understanding and support. 

We are thankful for another success trip to the Pequot Museum in CT - Mrs. Pimental's class. 

I wish you all have a wonderful week ahead that is peaceful and productive.  
Mrs. O'Brien 


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