Saturday, September 26, 2015

Greetings Quashnet School Community,

    It is hard to believe we have only been in school for 16 days!  During that time we have been together for Open House, the Welcome Back BBQ, and  the 3rd Grade Ice Cream Social.  Teachers and students have established class rules, instructional routines and have set clear expectations for student learning.  The school store has been opened, before and after school clubs have begun, and soccer is underway with Mr. Morris and Mr. Bedard.  Project Life is moving along in grades 4-6 with hands-on experiments and field trips to the forest, pond, and salt marsh.  Students are actively using their ChromeBooks and iPads on a regular basis. Every student should have received their personal connectED (Everyday Math) online access code. ELA benchmark testing began last week using an online assessment system, STAR.  Math assessments are this coming week. WOW...and we're just 16 days in!
   I do hope that our new students and families will be able to join us for a welcome to Quashnet School breakfast this coming Friday.  It will be an opportunity to learn about our school and some of our wonderful traditions, as well as meet one another.  Mashpee is an outstanding community that we call home, and we welcome you!
   Thank you to all families for working hard to get students here on time every day. What a difference when students are not rushed and can transition into class with ease.  Not only is Being Ready a  Falcon Five trait - it is also a life skill that needs to be modeled and reinforced!
   I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and as always, never hesitate to call, email, or stop in. Your questions, concerns, and comments are important to us.

Mrs. O'Brien

Congratulations to our STUDENTS OF THE WEEK!

                           Grade 5
                        Grade 4
                                 Grade 6

                                                                                                          Grade 3 

Hands-on Learning 

        Project Life Lesson 
            The Forest
             Mrs. McKay's 
       Fourth Grade Class 

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