Sunday, October 4, 2015

Greetings Quashnet Community,
     The first coffee chat of 2015 will be this coming Tuesday evening, October 6th from 6:30-7:30 PM in the Quashnet Library.  Principal Lithwin (KCC) and I will be hosting parents for an informational discussion on standards-based report cards.  We hope you will be able to join the conversation!
     I am so proud to share the results of the summer reading program.  Eight students were recognized on Friday for their outstanding efforts in reading this past summer.  Can you believe each student read for over 4600 minutes (>76 hours)?  One of our sixth graders actually read 16 books!  Well done. Along with those eight students, 144 students received a voucher for Legoland in Boston for logging over 900 minutes of reading.   Ms. Burke, the Mashpee librarian, is welcoming Mrs. Arsenault's, Mrs. McKay's, Mrs. Mayan’s, and Mrs. Geggatt's class to the public library for a celebration of logging the most hours per class.  Thank you Quashnet students and families for supporting the summer reading program.  We look forward to partnering with Ms. Burke and the Mashpee Public library again next summer!

    At the Quashnet School, we believe in the Growth Mindset.  This philosophy is based on the theory that people "get smart" and effort and perseverance are the critical factors in achievement.  As a result of that, the enrichment program at Quashnet looks different in third grade this year.  Mr. O'Connor is visiting each third-grade classroom teaching mini-lessons to augment the curriculum.  To support student learning on Native American cultures, Mr. O'Connor has shared an interactive PowerPoint presentation, has had children constructing models of wetus, and has shared legends of Maushop next to roaring fire displayed on the SmartBoard.   Thank you third-grade teachers and Mr. O'Connor for working collaboratively to enrich all students.

     I wish you all a wonderful and enriching week!  Please be mindful that tomorrow, Monday, 10/5 is an EARLY RELEASE day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30 AM.  There is NO SCHOOL this Friday for students as it is a teacher professional day and Monday, 10/12,  in recognition of Columbus Day.

Mrs. O'Brien

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