Sunday, November 13, 2016

November 13, 2016

Greetings Quashnet School Community,

We just received the October total for the Stop and Shop A+ Program.  Can you believe for just the month of October we earned $1875.33? A new monthly record for Quashnet! Thank you to everyone who has shared your Stop and Shop card number and to Mrs. Emery who leads the charge on this initiative each year along with student volunteers.  Just a reminder, it is never too late to share your card number and have family and friends register for the Quashnet School. Register Your Card Here  These funds directly benefit student activities.

Last Thursday was the Veterans Day Assembly at QS.  We have a team of staff members each year that work hard to organize and plan this special event. Thank you Mrs. Pagano, Mrs. Rastallis, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Blount, Mrs. Arsenault, Ms. Sherman, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Richards, and Mrs. Wunder. We at Quashnet School, are proud of our service men and women who work to protect our freedoms. I must commend our students, your children, who sat on the bleachers for over an hour listening intently, respectfully, and following the Falcon Five. It is not easy to keep 520 students engaged, but they were amazing! In appreciation, an American flag was presented to Quashnet School from the US Air Force Honor Guard. It will be proudly displayed in the front hallway. Thank you also to Colonel Wunder who was our outstanding emcee for the event. 

Over last several weeks, I have shared the link to register for PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES. The first day for conferences is only a week from Monday, November 21st.  The second day is Thursday, December 1. To sign up for your conference, click this link SIGN UP HERE, then select your child's homeroom teacher, and pick an available time. Once a time has been selected that time is removed from the available time slots.  If you need any help at all, just call the office and we are happy to schedule the conference for you. Ask for either Mrs. Pagano or Mrs. Emery at 508-539-1550 x4100.

On both November 21st and December 1st we will have Chromebooks available for you to update your contact information on Infosnap.  This is an extremely important process. Infosnap is an electronic way for you to update contact information, medical insurance information, and emergency contacts and authorized individuals to pick up your children. The link to do this from home is  From the District website, click on the link that says UPDATE REGISTRATION. If you need your InfoSnap password please call the QS office or stop in.


This Friday at Quashnet School from 6-8 PM is Crazy Hat BINGO!
This is a lot of fun and a great family activity. Hope to see you there! 

Last call for any Falcon Buck?  Final collection for any last minute ticket sales will be on Monday, November 14th.  Thank you for supporting this new fundraiser - good luck to all of you on those December drawings! 

Time is a precious commodity and it 
is hard to make it to all the 
great offerings out there, but 
next Sunday, November 20th
is an event that is an investment in your family.  
My Choice Matters: Parenting to Prevent Substance Abuse is a parent summit being held in Hyannis from 12:00-3:30 PM. As you can see from the workshops, 
it is never too early to focus on prevention.  

As you are putting your yard to bed for the winter, do you happen to have an old wheelbarrow you don't need?  The Quashnet School Garden Club is in need of a wheelbarrow.  If so, please give us a call or send an email to Mrs. Blount, 5th grade teacher and the club advisor, at  We will be happy to pick it up!  

Absences, tardies, and vacations - oh my!  I cannot stress enough how important it is for students to be in school everyday and on time.  When a student is tardy they are missing   important morning organizational routines for the day and instructional time.  They are not ready to begin at the same time as others and are often playing catch up. A 10 minute adjustment in the morning will take care of the majority of tardies - please plan ahead and have the lunch prepacked and clothes ready in the morning. CLASS BEGINS AT 8:15 AM - Buses are all in by 8:10 AM at the latest.  

Vacations during school time are a huge challenge. Today's instruction includes daily discussions, partner work, collaboration, and teacher feedback on tasks that cannot be "made-up" when students are out.  These activities and are part of every lesson. Vacations are impactful on student learning and should be avoided whenever possible. There is a link to the district yearly calendar with school vacations indicated on the "This Week" tab above for planning purposes.  Your support is appreciated.

On a final note - have a wonderful and productive week ahead.  
Congratulations to the MMHS football team on another fabulous season - good luck next weekend in Lowell!  

Mrs. O'Brien         

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