Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Quashnet Families, 

Although school doesn't begin for students until Wednesday, September 2, there sure are a lot of events going on this week.  I felt an update would be timely with summer vacation winding down.  As one teacher put it, it is beginning to feel like every day is a Sunday night! 

This summer has been one of transition for me.  Assistant Superintendent DeBoer has been so generous with her time teaching me about the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter to just name a few things. I have met with various teacher/staff teams and a parent meet and greet. I truly appreciate all the feedback I have received and have already begun to plan accordingly.  I know how fortunate I am to be part of this wonderful community and school district.   

If you do follow Twitter you probably saw a picture of the new teachers at Quashnet School for the upcoming year. In all, they are extremely competent teachers who are thrilled with the opportunity to join our team.  Mrs. Gorman and Miss Forsberg will be teaching for two Quashnet teachers who are out on maternity leave.  Congratulations to the Whiddon family on the addition of their adorable daughter, Stella, just last week!  We will anxiously await news on the Gilbert's family arrival!  With two retirements, one reassignment, and two resignations, we were able to hire Mrs. Stroshine in grade 4, Mrs. Fullam and Mrs. Phillips in grade 3, and the Keohane sisters in grades 3 and 4.  Hopefully, you saw the Mashpee Enterprise this week with a front page picture and article on Miss Keohane and Miss Keohane and all of our new teachers!  I look forward to introducing you to our entire outstanding staff and our wonderful new Assistant Principal Suzanne Avtges during Open House which is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, 2015.  

The schedule for the next two weeks is posted on the "This Week" tab on the Blog's homepage and on the school calendar on the district website.   I look forward to seeing our fifth and sixth graders for a required Tech Night Monday, third graders will be in on Wednesday on Thursday for scavenger hunts, and band and string students have instrument rentals Wednesday evening 4-6PM.  You will also find the updated bus schedule on a separate Blog tab as well as on the district web page. Parent drop off and pick up procedures are found under the "Important Information" tab.

Thank you to the families that came out and called regarding the Principal Meet and Greet. Although the attendance wasn't large, I do know that many who came represented others. Several areas of concern included understanding changes in technology and how can parents help their children, there was a concern over standards-based report cards, and how to interpret PowerSchool from the parent view to name a few. To address these concerns and support parents in supporting their children, coffee chats this year will be focused on skill building.  The first coffee chat will actually be a combined KCC/QS report card informational night hosted by Principal Lithwin and myself on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, in the Quashnet School cafeteria at 6:30 PM.  We hope you will be able to join us! Parents also shared that they appreciated the communication at Quashnet.  The weekly schedule will be posted regularly on the Blog.  The school newsletter will soon be written by students under Mr. Rumberger's direction.  

Last but not least, I do have a plea.  For the last several years, the Quashnet School PTO was led by a few dedicated moms. Their children have moved to Mashpee Middle School and this has left a void at Quashnet. Thankfully Deb Flaherty, Heather Lakatos, and the entire KCC Board have stepped up to assume the leadership role in the QS PTO until all nominations and elections are held. Attached to the 8/23/15 email is a QS PTO nomination paper. Additional nomination papers will be available in the Quashnet office. The nominations are due by September 10th with elections the night of Open House, September 17th. Please consider participating in this worthwhile cause. School and family partnerships not only improve our school but also directly benefit your child.  If being on the board requires too much time, any level of participation, great or small, is appreciated. 

I look forward to seeing you all soon and welcoming your children back to the start of a fabulous and productive school year!

Mrs. O'Brien  


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