Sunday, June 7, 2015

"We can choose our challenges, but sometimes they choose us.  Believe in yourself." Travis Roy 
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Dear Quashnet School Community,
     Last Thursday night's grades 4-6 instrumental music concert was an outstanding experience for both participants and audience members.  All instruments were skillfully played and filled the gymnasium with such sweet sounds.  It is with great sadness that we say good-bye to our sixth grade musicians.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to share in their Quashnet School musical journey.  Thank you to music teachers Mrs. Hill and Ms. Sherman for preparing our students so well, and to our parents and community for supporting our music program.
     Last Friday's Career Day was an outstanding event for our students and, hopefully, for our guests as well.  Our students learned about specific careers--the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the career.  They also learned about the pathways our guests took to arrive at their current career destinations.  We are so very grateful to all of our guests for providing our students with such wonderful learning opportunities.  Our parents and the Mashpee community are the very best!!  Thank you to Mrs. Cheryl MacIntire for all her above-and-beyond efforts to bring this very special event to our school.  From start to finish, it is all "CHERYL."  This event would not happen without her.  It is an example of how members of the Quashnet School consistently go beyond their job descriptions to create wonderful experiences for our students and for their colleagues. 
     Mashpee High School's 2015 graduation was wonderful.  It is very rewarding to share in this experience with Mashpee's seniors and their families.  For me, watching each student receive his/her diploma brings back memories of their time at the Quashnet School.  Time goes by so fast, and these graduates have much to be proud of--as do their parents and all of the employees of the Mashpee Public Schools who played a part in their education from kindergarten through grade 12.  Valedictorian James Boyd gave an excellent speech. 
     Thank you to our wonderful PTO for providing our staff with a delicious and very much appreciated luncheon last Monday.  This is an annual tradition for which the Quashnet School staff is very grateful.
     We are currently engaged in a "PENNY WAR" at the Quashnet School.  The money raised will support our Student Council's budget for next year.  This game of strategy has sparked excitement and competition among the grade levels.  Pennies count as a positive one point.  Quarters, dimes, and nickels are negative points based on the coin's value.  At the end, the grade level with the highest point value will earn extra recess and popsicles.   
     The next two and half weeks at Quashnet are very busy.  In addition to many special events, there is still much learning that must be accomplished.  We are grateful for the parental support we receive--helping us to reinforce the important message that working hard and giving best effort is needed each and every day--in school and with homework.  We continue to expect our students to demonstrate behavior that is responsible, respectful, ready, safe, and always caring.  Evening sports activities cannot take precedent over academic obligations/expectations.  Students need to come to school rested and ready to learn.
     Remember to be good listeners.  Being a parent is the most important work you will ever undertake.  Sadly, parenting does not afford us with "dress rehearsal" opportunities.  Enjoy every moment with your child--the good times and the challenging times.  In a blink they will be fully grown and will be reflections of you.  No matter what age, children have wonderful stories to tell and insights on life that bring us back to realize what is truly important.  Don't forget to hug your children every day and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.  Treasure them always and let them know that they are the most important people in your world.  The smallest voices deserve our best listening skills.  Work hard to be in the moment.
     Our Field Day is this Friday, June 12th.  If you are able to volunteer at this event, please email Mr. Morris at as soon as possible.  Grades 3 and 4 will have their field day from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM.  Grades 5 and 6 will have their field day from 12:00 - 2:30 PM. 
Saturday, June 13, 2015
Registration:  8:00 AM; Race begins at 8:30 AM
1.  There is a meeting this Tuesday, June 9, at 6:30 PM in the Library for all volunteers.  This has become a very large event and any and all support will be greatly appreciated. 
2.  Prize packs are due to arrive on Monday.  They will be given out to students daily at the 2:45 PM parent pick-up time, at the 3:30 PM parent pick-up time, at Polar Cave on Friday night, or by special arrangement (email Amy Rullo at Prize packs will also be available on the morning of the event--starting at 7:00 AM.  NO PRIZE PACKS CAN GO HOME ON THE BUS.
3.  POLAR CAVE COLOR RUN DAY:  Friday, June 12th from 1:00 - 9:00 PM.  $1.00 from every sale of a Bear Cub Ice Cream will be donated to our fundraiser.  PTO will be at Polar Cave to hand out prize packs from 6:30 - 9:00 PM
4.  RACE DAY:  This is a family event!  If a child has registered to participate alone--without a family member, the child will still need to have a parent/guardian or designee be present during the entire event.  No student can be dropped off and left alone to participate in this event. 
5.  If you still need to register, do so online at or plan on being at the event by 7:45 AM.  You are NOT guaranteed a t-shirt or color pack--quantities are limited on the day of the race.
Pictured below are Melanie Cordero and Leon Lopes (with Mrs. Giuggio).  Melanie and Leon took first place in the speed division at this year's junior solar sprint car competition.
Congratulations to Mashpee High School Valedictorian James Boyd and his family.

With Gratitude,
Patty DeBoer

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