Sunday, May 10, 2015

"We can choose our challenges, but sometimes they choose us.  Believe in yourself." 
Travis Roy 
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Dear Quashnet School Community,
      With only 33 school days remaining (2 of which are half days) in the 14-15 school year, it is important to be mindful as we strive to make the most of these very special days—days that we will never have the opportunity to redo.  We often spend too much time looking forward and planning for what is to come next rather than focusing on and enjoying “today.” We need to maximize the present.  We still have so much important instruction and learning to accomplish in the remaining weeks.  We will also be assessing each student’s growth.   
      This week, we plan to reinforce with our students the importance of their making good choices, of their being kind and respectful to all, and of their giving best effort to all academic tasks.  Expectations for learning and for behavior will be reviewed. Students are reminded to continue to give their best effort to their academic work and to stop and think during each decision-making opportunity in order to minimize misbehaviors.  Student participation in year-end activities is a privilege—one that is earned by consistently demonstrating respectful and responsible behavior in our school setting.  We encourage parents to have a family discussion around this topic.
       Parents are the most important role models in a child’s life, and the messages that parents give to their child have the greatest impact.  Our third graders worked extremely hard during their three mornings of PARCC testing last week.  Their dedication to the process and application of best effort were clearly observed.  During each morning this week our fifth graders will be assessed—three days of PARCC and two days of MCAS (Science/Technology).  We are confident that our fabulous fifth grade scholars are well-prepared and that they will apply their best effort to the process.
Coming Soon--Quashnet School Annual Talent Show--June 16th
1. Tryouts are scheduled for after school on Tuesday, May 19th.
2. Quashnet School Talent Show Program/Playbill--Cover Art Contest:  Students are encouraged to submit a pencil sketch for the cover of this year's Talent Show program.  The student with the winning entry will receive a full-week campership to Camp Farley.  The student's whose drawing is the runner-up will receive a gift certificate to the Cotuit Center for the Arts.  A flyer went home related to this contest. 
This tree and these flowers help me to forget about all the snow we had a few months ago.
Thank you to Kathryn Olson for beautifying our front courtyard.

 Fifth/Sixth Grade Track Team--leaving for their first meet at MMHS
 Sharing with the School Committee:  Above--6th graders:  Alinna Hanna, Maggie Connolly, and Sydney Burke;  Below--5th grader Colin Spencer
 Pictured below:  Ms. Martin is enjoying lunch with some of her students.
 Pictured below:  Fifth graders are working with Mrs. Blount planting in our school garden.
 The fifth grade "Inventors' Convention" was an outstanding learning activity.
 Fifth Grader Kevaughn Blackwood participating in the long jump at last week's track meet
We are not getting the enrollment needed to run our  "Summer Fun and Learning" Program.  We are extending sign-ups through May 15th.  Ten participants are needed for an activity to run.  If an activity has to be cancelled, participants will be notified by May 22nd and will receive a refund.  Click on this link to view the flyer and registration form. 2015 Quashnet School "Summer Fun and Learning" Program 

8:30 AM
A great event for the entire family! 
With Gratitude,
Patty DeBoer

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