Sunday, November 30, 2014

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Hello Wonderful Quashnet School Community Members,
       Having just finished our two scheduled parent/teacher conference days, we hope that all parents feel their conferences were productive and worthwhile.  Parents should have left their meeting having gained a better understanding of their child’s learning strengths, areas of challenge, progress to date, and suggestions on how to support their child's learning outside of school.  Frequent and clear communication between school and home is necessary in order to help each child reach his/her maximum potential.  Please do not hesitate to seek further information often, including accessing our Power School database on a regular basis.  We are here to serve our students and families—providing the best instruction and learning opportunities every day. 
      This Wednesday marks the end of the first trimester for the 14-15 school year.  The hours, days, and weeks we spend together pass by so quickly.  To improve the quality of this valuable time, it is necessary to recognize and understand the purpose in everything we do.  Throughout our lives, and hopefully at regular and frequent intervals, it is important to assess our progress, looking back at what we have accomplished and forward to the goals we have yet to achieve.  Ask yourself: Am I being the best person that I can be?  Do I give my best effort to all tasks?  Am I supportive and kind to those around me?  Do I understand why I am doing each task?  Can I do better and be better?  Answering these questions on a daily basis is very important.  As a student:  Do you make learning a priority every day?  Are you an engaged and active learner?  Do you seek clarification, further explanation, and extra help when needed?  As we move forward in the second trimester, we ask each student:  to  make good decisions, to do your best to demonstrate what you have learned, to apply the strategies you have been taught, to be an active participant in learning, to follow directions, to ask questions, and to do your homework.  You share responsibility for and ownership of your own learning.  You will achieve great personal satisfaction, gain knowledge and skills, and earn the recognition you deserve with dedication, hard work, and focus.
The Quashnet Elf is BACK!
Be on the lookout for our Quashnet Elf.  He will be hiding each day at the Quashnet School (at least once--maybe twice in each day).  Whoever finds him is asked to bring him to the main office.  The "finder" will receive 10 Right Choice tickets.  Based on his experience last year, the Elf has told Mrs. DeBoer that he is looking forward to finding new hiding places and to all the new friends he will be making at the Quashnet School.
Fifth graders in Mr. Bedard's homeroom showed their Mashpee pride last Tuesday.
Andreas and Caesar--Mashpee Pride!
Cranberry math in Mrs. Arsenault's third grade classroom
 Mrs. Sorbo's third grade class
Ms. Louf's fourth grade class
Mrs. Pulsford's fourth grade class
Mrs. Stickley's fourth grade class

Be mindful and make the most of every moment of every day.  Smile as often as you can.  Let those around you know how much you value their being in your life.  Read and learn something new every day.  Be your very best you! 

With Gratitude,
Patty DeBoer

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