All Quashnet students will benefit from Mindfulness lessons over 14 sessions.  
Each session will be facilitated by 
Quashnet School counselors Mrs. McCue and Mrs. Morrison. 
All sessions are held in the homeroom setting along with the classroom teacher.    

Learn more about mindfulness at Quashnet:

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose to what is happening right now, both inside and outside of ourselves, with kindness and curiosity.  

To be grateful for today and to be more mindful in your life, please watch this 10-minute video:  http://www.ted.com/talks/louie_schwartzberg_nature_beauty_gratitude.html

Mindfulness curriculum lessons (2x/week for 20 minutes/lesson for 7 weeks)
1.  Paying attention to sound
2.  Paying attention to breath. . .core practice. . .five finger breath
3.  Brain . . . Prefrontal Cortex, Amygdala, Hippocampus
4.  Heartfulness I. . . cultivating kindness, sending kind thoughts
5.  Body Awareness . . .senses
6.  Focus and Attention . . . focus rock
7.  Heartfulness II. . . cultivating gratitude
8.  Thoughts I . . . past, present, future . . . 70,000 thoughts per day
9.  Optimism and Pessimism . . . habits of mind, cultivating optimism
10. Heartfulness III . . . Perspective, cultivating empathy
11. Emotions . . . basic understanding
12.  E-motions . . . energy in motion
13.  Stress, Worry, Anxiety . . . Body/Brain Connection
14.  Bodies in Motion . . . paying attention as we move, importance of sleep
15.  Mindfully meeting. . . anger, irritation, impatience, in ourselves and others
16.  Putting it all together . . . cultivating kindness, gratitude, compassion, empathy, optimism, forgiveness

Sending kind thoughts--from the heartfulness lessons

May you be happy, may you be healthy and strong, may things come easy for you today, and may you feel peaceful and calm.

"Mindfulness helps us defuse stress, experience greater tranquility, find a sense of wholeness, strengthen our relationships, and face our fears.  Mindfulness helps sharpen focus, lower blood pressure, and reduce chronic pain.  Mindfulness helps protect the brain against aging and improves our capacity to learn new things.  And it's as easy as sitting down and taking a breath." (Alice Walker)

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